Things Mutua needs to change if he really wants to be president in 2022

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Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua

Several Kenyans have been reacting to the latest initiative by Governor Alfred Mutua of replacing all grass thatched roofs in Machakos County with iron sheets.

Let me not talk about that since most people will not be happy with my opinion on this. Probably, because rain has never found me in a grass thatched house.

Allow me to focus on things that Mutua would change if he wants to be the president of this country one day, not in 2022 though.

If there is anybody close to the governor reading this, please tell him to change his way of executing projects. Some projects are not worth the funds’ allocation and hype which they have been given.

Roofing of houses in Machakos is set to cost the county Sh50 million, Really?!! 50 million Kenyan money. This must be the most missed priority of them all.

How much would it cost Mutua to roof houses across the country if he was the president?

What if the Sh50m paid full secondary school education for children from poor backgrounds? An initiative that the county doesn’t have. I am very sure parents could have channeled the money they struggle to get to pay school fees to roof their houses.

Some time back, Mutua launched another project of installing showers in all homesteads in Machakos County, something he never achieved.

During the project’s launch, some of the showers were seen installed in houses which don’t even have a bathroom, showers behind the houses.

Could this even be achieved in a single county not even thinking about the country?!

If really Mutua wants to become the president, he should stop some jokes. Initiate project based on economic growth, infrastructure, and education and show us how he would do with the country using Machakos county.

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