Why we are not leaving our Canaan, Mui residents 


Why we are not living our Canaan, Mui residents

Residents from Mui ward, Mwingi central constituency of Kitui county who occupy block C and D of the rich coal belt have vehemently protested leaving their *sweet home* for Engamba, Kanyonyoo or even Sosoma.
Speaking during a public rally spearheaded by Dr. Gideon Mulyungi, the area MP which was held at Mui on Tuesday, Mui residents disputed claims of leaving their ancestral land to pave way for coal extraction.
Some major reasons why the Mui fraternity turned down Governor Ngilu’s idea on them relocating so that coal mining can kick off are,
They do not know what coal is,
According to Dr. Gideon Mulyungi, most of constituents are not aware of what coal is and it’s benefits.
” All that is said is, coal mining will eradicate poverty in Ukambani, we need to sit our locals and explain to them rather than rush into extraction, “Mulyungi said.
“There is a need for public participation,” he added
Proper land survey ,demarcation and issuance of title deeds should be done before the mining process .
According to David Wambua, a resident some of their title deeds have misspelled names and incorrect number of acres and they want this addressed.
Health hazard is also another challenge as coal emutes radiations during mining which are very dangerous and causes gene mutations.
” We have a right to live where we are comfortable. We are very contented in Mui which is our Canaan made better by bumper harvests of Mellon, pumpkins, maize among other produce,” Nicholas Wambua, a farmer said.
The angry residents also complained that the suggested areas where they will be relocated to are so dry and can yield nothing.
“Nothing can do good in Kanyonyoo in terms of farming, “another farmer confirmed.
Another major hinderance why the locals *won’t board* is because they cannot unburry their loved ones to take their remains to the said makaburis which will be constructed for them.
“Why would I disturb my beloved husband by exhuming his remains to go burry him elsewhere? That is impossible.Let him continue resting in peace at his home, “a disturbed local lamented.
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