Mui residents finally laugh last

Mui residents are a happy lot after their Member of parliament, Dr. Gideon Mulyungi launched repair of Mwingi-Lundi-Kathonzweni to Yoonywe road.
 The MP launched the construction exercise on Monday (3/6/2018)and Kenya rural road authority KERA has kicked off repairing the roads in Mwingi central constituency of Kitui county.
This is great news to the Mui residents for  many roads are in poor condition after the heavy rains.
The engineer in charge confirmed  that the repair of the  road will take two to three months before completion.
In addition, the MP urged both the contractor and engineer to ensure proper repair work so that his constituents do not face transportation hiccups as witnessed during rainy seasons.
” I want my people to transport their produce to their chosen market places at all times without any hinderance of bad roads,” The Legislator stated.
Muimi Muithya,a resident expressed his gratitude to the MP for hearing their cry after so many years of bad roads.
” Getting to Mwingi from Mui should take less than an hour but due to bad roads we travel for up to two and half hours,”Muimi said
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