Nguna backs Governor Ngilu on mining Kitui minerals


Mwingi West Member of national assembly, Charles Nguna has backed Governor Ngilu on mineral extraction within Kitui county.

Nguna uttered this at a time when there are heated reactions from Kitui leaders majority opposing extraction of Kitui minerals.

Speaking at Thitani girls secondary school where he had attended a fund drive to aid in construction of a dormitory, Nguna said he sees no reason of opposing Governor’s move of eradicating poverty within Kitui county.
“I am behind Ngilu on mineral exploitation in this county because I strongly believe this will change the poverty levels of our locals for the better”,Nguna seconded
The legislator emphasized that in accordance with Governor Ngilu’s mafesto, the coal in Mui basin of Mwingi central, limestone in Ngaaie hills within Mwingi North,copper in Mithikwani area of Kitui west  among other valuable minerals will boost Kitui and most importantly the residents will improve their standards of living through compensation and also job creation.
” Let’s second Ngilu’s agenda on wealth creation in order to better our lives and get out of poverty, “Nguna insisted.
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