I only wish you good, DG Wathe to Mui residents


Kitui county Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau has called upon Mui residents to ignore incitement from some political leaders on coal extraction and speak in unison.

Addressing congregants at AIC Mathuki during a fund – drive, Dr. Wathe Nzau told locals to turn a deaf ear to those telling them to strongly oppose coal mining and instead form committees to negotiate on way forward.
“Ignore leaders who do not even ail from Mui and make your own decisions as a community, ”  DG urged.
However, Dr. Wathe clarified that the only reason county government is behind the mining exercise is for the benefit of the locals.
” I am one of you and can only wish you good. If anything bad happens to you i will also be affected for i come from Mui” Wathe said
“We are  after eradicating poverty out of Kitui county  and through the mineral exploitation, we will be miles ahead, ” the DG added.
Mui basin residents were also assured that they will get tittle deeds and that they will lease their pieces of land to the exploiters.
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