KWS herds 11 elephants back to Kora Game reserve


KWS officers have been forced to use a chopper to drive away 11 elephants that have invaded farms and destroyed crops at Mandongoi and Ukasi villages in Mwingi North of Kitui county.

The animals have been roaming in the villages after straying from the Kora National Game Reserve for two weeks now and at least 24 acres of farm has been invaded.
The beasts have consumed maize, sorghum and water melons worth thousands of shillings.
Bakari Chongwa, a warden  in Meru national park who was leading the exercise said that he heard the cry of Mandongoi residents and immediately his team acted but the big number of aggressive elephants outdid them.
Bakari said KWS values human life and assured the residents that they will drive away the 11 elephants to avoid further destruction of crops.
   “The affected farm owners will be compensated after the KWS officers assess the damage caused by the elephants,” Bakari added
Muthui Nzau,an affected farmer said that their biggest worry is that the jumbos hide in the thickets giving the officers hard time while chasing them and scared that they might attack residents anytime.
   ” We are living in fear because the elephants might turn to us and harm us,” scared Nzau told journalists.
However he lauded the KWS for hearing their cry immediately even though he has been left counting loses after the jumbos destroyed his water melons.
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