Governor Mutua to spend at least sh 15 billion on campaign in 2022

Governor Alfred Mutua

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua plans on a sh.18 billion budget to achieve his presidential goal come 2022.

During an interview on Sunday 17 with Television station the Governor said the ‘luxury’ affair will cost him atleast ksh 15b.

It opens the way and i have my own cash,i can compete on the same level as them.It is worth it coz am not doing it just for me but also for the people of Kenya,”Mutua said.

He further noted that however having too much money can be bad for candidates saying;
Anything you spend beyond that will not help.You need money to reach a certain stage.”
He also added that the funds will be used to get Kenya from a dark age to a new era.

“That’s the kind of money needed.It is worth it if you want to move this country to a new age.You have to do it.A time comes when you say that you are doing this for the people.”

The Governor continued and said he can beat Deputy President William Ruto as the next four years are ‘all about marketing’.He added that politicians win races because of representing people and not because of money.

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People have seen that i am a man of my word.My presidential bid is not a way to get a government position in future,”said mutua

He also said that he is bound to replace President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding his chances.

“After i am done being the Governor,what am i supposed to do.You need to declare your presidency bid early so that people can see your vision and mission.

He has therefore formed a team to strategise on his victory come the 2022 general election.

“Consultants from oversees are fashioning my campaign.I am very serious.Mutua puts his head on something and doesn’t waver.
I am not pushing myself,its the people.It’s going to be a tight race.There are ‘big boys like Ruto’ but am confident.We need a paradigm shift.”

The politician who currently serves his second and last term as governor has on that case started visiting various counties to market himself ahead of the race.

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