The Magic behind Kyamwilu hill; Gravity defied

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The Kyamwilu hill stretch where gravity is defied

A few kilometres from Machakos town along the Machakos-Kangundo road, you set your feet at Kyamwilu Hill where the force of gravity has been defied. 

About 100 metres of Kyamwilu Hill, the driver will be forced to move upwards free gear. Are you surprised? Or you think I have mistaken my statement? No! I meant the driver will move upwards free gear.

This is a situation which has baffled both area residents and scientists equally attracting both local and foreign tourists.

A group of men spend their day here on daily basis explaining to anyone who arrives and helps them perform the experiments at a fee.

The Kamba tale behind this is that “there lived two brothers in this area, Kyalo and Mwilu who married the same woman.”

Kyalo lived on the lower,  while Mwilu on the upper side of the hill 100 metres apart.

She used to take turns to visit them until when she died and they decided to bury her in the middle of the distance between their homes.

It is abnormal for brothers to marry the same woman and so the Kambas believe that the forces of nature at this area conspire.

Running uphill is relatively an easy task as opposed to downhill.

If you put a bottle of water on the hill, it will roll uphill instead of downhill.

The name Kyamwilu is said to have been named after the two brothers who were Kyalo and Mwilu.

As the tale of Kyalo and Mwilu dominates toe story behind this act as scientists are yet to discover what is behind this, religious believers believe it is a miracle

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