Avail ndengu market rather than harassing Mwingi hawkers, Mulyungi tells Ngilu


The political rivalry between Mwingi central Member of parliament Dr Gideon Mulyungi and Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu still intensifies with Mulyungi now ordering all hawkers who had been send off from Mwingi town streets to resume their business and not to be harassed by anyone.

Dr. Mulyungi also accused governor Ngilu of sidelining the residents of Mwingi and favoring those of Kitui town where she lives.

Speaking during a sensitization tour of Mwingi town aimed at registering the town residents with the NHIF scheme, Mulyungi said there must be a structured manner on how people can be evicted from their places of work and not anyhow arresting residents without notice.

The legislator accused Kitui county government enforcement officers of rampant harassment of the business community, even after having paid taxes.

He urged governor Ngilu to concentrate on delivering what she had promised the electorate during her campaigns like availing market for the green grams, instead of harassing the very people who gave her power.


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