Is Team mafisi replacing our better halves


Finding a man who will genuinely love, care and respect a lady is proving difficult as most of our dear men have turned into ‘hyenas’

Team Mafisi’s( as the sacco is popularly known) slogan is *Eat and run.
‘Kukuta vitu’ then immediately look for other fundamentals to feast on makes life worth more living for some of our better halves.
When will we find our missing ribs in a society where some men are afraid of every responsibility?
Men who are after every woman that passes them.
‘ Sasa Mrembo, unakaa poa, can i take care of your feelings tonight?’  a guy approaches a well endowed lady
That is the world we are currently living in. A world where every man a lady meets wants some ‘quality time’ with her,this resulting into so many friends with benefits.
If a lady identifies a certain guy and terms him ‘beshte’, this goes without saying that she is that gentleman’s side dish.
Time is gone when a duo would become genuine friends for some time then date for two years without peeping what is in  the others pot till they become one.
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