Ngilu administration set to combat housing inadequacy in Kitui town

Left : Hon. Jacob Kakundi – Kitui CEC, Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development.

Kitui County Government disclosed its joint venture plan with developers that will see over 2000 units in place for occupation that shall aid in easing the fast exploding housing demand at the County Headquarters.To help in fulfillment of Governor Ngilu’s agenda of wealth creation among Kitui locals, the CECM confirmed that the housing materials and other necessities required shall be locally sourced.Kitui CECM for Lands, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Hon. Jacob Kakundi revealed the County’s affordable and advanced housing plans as he chaired the potential local and foreign investors during the initial bidders conference held on Monday, 25th June, 2018 at an hotel based in Kitui town.

Kakundi said that through the partnership the County Government shall secure tracts of land, ensure electricity connectivity and better penetration through betterment of the rural access roads for the potential investors to pump in their financial resources to the project.This project is estimated to cost close to Ksh 6 Billion for its completion three years upon launch.He also added that there shall be soon an establishment of an imminent tenancy purchase scheme which shall oversee the purchase of completed units by the locals from private developers guided by the current mortgage rates.

Upon the completion of the project, the County Government shall hugely benefit from the low priced housing units and office blocks for occupancy by the County staff.Since the take off from the Municipal Council, Kitui County Headquarters has been experiencing chronic shortage of office space and residentials to cater for its staff.

“The County Government will enter into a formal partnership with developers through which the project will be implemented to its end,” Hon. Kakundi adressed press members.

Further, Kakundi said that close to 1000 units will be ready for selling within one year period after the commencement of housing project estimated to be complete after three years.The partnership will bind one year after the project’s completion to adress any issues raising after the mass sale of the units.

“As facilitator of the project, it is our duty to ensure that the money goes to the pockets of Kitui locals as enumerated in Governor Ngilu’s manifesto for Kitui County,” he added.

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