Youth in Mwingi Benefit from the Afya Halisi Young Fathers Project


Young father’s from Ukasi have something to smile home about after they were led through the tenets of responsible fatherhood yeesterday, 26th June 2018. In a meeting had convened over 30 young fathers, the Afya Halisi project, which was launched in Zombe town few days ago by the Kitui governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu, sought to equip Ukasi young dads with the Dos and Don’ts of good parenting.

Among other things, the following key areas were addressed.

1. The need for young fathers to have enough time for their young ones. This includes having time to play with them, cuddling and even ensuring they feed well.

2. There has been a worrying state where a majority of Kitui Youths find it hard to visit hospitals for check ups and accessing clinical information. Young fathers have been urged to find time and accompany their families to hospitals and even at times take their own children for clinics. This will go a long way in developing strong bonds between them and their children.

3. Drug and substance abuse among young fathers is a major cause of broken marriages and other familial feuds. Young fathers were urged to avoid drugs in order to have strong families.

4. Respect between young fathers and their wives is a key component for a successful marriage. Young father’s in Ukasi were taught on how to handle the sensitive matter of conflict resolutions in their families.

At the end of the meeting, they formed the Ukasi Young Fathers Focus Group that will seek to educate other young fathers on good fatherhood in Ukasi and beyond. The Afya Halisi project promised to support the activities of the group in collaboration with the County Government of Kitui.

The meeting was attended by Ukasi Community Health Volunteers, Ukasi Hospital Facility heads, the Mwingi Central Afya Halisi Project officers led by Miss Wausi among other health stakeholders. The meeting theme and planery was facilitated by Aggrey Nzomo of NYC Kitui County.

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