Mp wants stalled University construction hastened



Mwingi Central Member of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi has urged Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu to make sure that she has hastened the stalled Mwingi South Eastern Kenya University for the project has been dormant since 2016.



The University was launched in Mwingi by the then Kitui County governor Julius Malombe in early 2016 at Kanzoka area,Kivou ward of Mwingi central constituency.



The 15 acre University land was donated by Mwingi professionals.



Dr. Mulyungi wondered why the delay while the university money was already set aside and nothing is going on for all this time.



“the only thing visible thing in this big piece of land willingly donated by professionals is a gate which is still under construction . Apart from gate columns nothing else is going on and not even a single foundation has been laid on the University land. I am also informed that the contractor of the gate is not relating well with the local laborers,” riled Mulyungi.



He called upon Ngilu to make sure that the project is fully implemented since she was the one who started SEKU in Kitui and should make sure that this one in Mwingi succeeds as well.



According to Dr. Mulyungi, the project was to bring a lot of developments in the area including creation of jobs among other benefits to the locals.



Kivou ward MCA Charles Muthui said if the contractor of the gate is not willing to complete it, then the tender should be given to another contractor.



It should be understood that there is no well established university in Mwingi and there is need for one since many students dreams are shut due to alot of expenses incurred while travelling to a far off universities.





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