Jokes made over Mulu Mutisya’s alleged illiteracy


Who in Kenya can’t remember Mulu Mutisya? He is a Kamba political legend.

Mulu is among the first Kenyan politicians. The legend from Machakos who died in 2004 was a very close ally of former president Daniel Moi. Despite coming from Machakos, Mutisya held sway throughout the expansive Ukambani region.

As the Ukmbani main man during the single party Rule which was KANU and through the 90s, Mulu Mutisya was considered by most Kenyans as not well versed with other languages and would always make mistakes whenever he was addressing the public in English or Kiswahili.

During the multiparty campaigns, Mutisya while addressing a crowd said that he will only support the multiparty idea ‘as long as there was only one multiparty called Kanu’.

There are several jokes made about Mulu Mutisya including a childhood one. We used to be told that Mutisya and the former president came back to the country from a foreign trip, they were asked how the trip was, Moi answered that it was fantastic, when it came to the turn of Mutisya, on hearing Moi’s answer he proceeded and said that the trip was ‘cocalastic’.

Other jokes made about Mulu Mutisya are

Mulu Mutisya speech when the President (then Moi) visited his place.

“Baba wanasema Kenyatta ni hayati lakini wewe ni hayati kabisa. Nashukuru sana baba wa Taifa kwa sababu uliahidi Kunya hapa ukaharisha, Ukahaidi kuja hapa tena Ukaharisha tena.Lakini leo Baba vile Umekunya nataka nikuambie Matako ya Hawa Mama Wote ni Maji Maji Tupuuu…”

(The politician was struggling to say that the President was better than his predecessor but he had postponed his visit many times. But now that he had come the issues of the Women in Ukambani was Water shortage)

Another joke is on how Mulu refused to pay hotel bill for ‘Total’

It is said that one day Mulu Mutisya went to a hotel with Kalonzo Musyoka and Gideon Ndambuki. After a few hours of enjoyment, Mulu called the waiter to bring the bill.

The waiter brought the bill as shown below;

Mutisya 5,000/=

Musyoka 1,500/=

Ndambuki 2,000/=

Driver 1,500/=

TOTAL 10,000/=

Mulu Mutisya shouted “I will pay for everyone else but TOTAL must pay for himself. I didn’t invite him and besides he owns many petrol stations around the country. Let him pay for himself.

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