Leave sex to the married, Deputy CJ tell students

Kenya’s Deputy chief justice Philomena Mwilu has cautioned students to abstain from sex and leave it to married people.
 Speaking at Thitani girls during the prize giving day to all Catholic sponsored schools in Kitui County where she was the chief guest, Mwilu  called upon the learners to use education as the equalizer to those who have got environment friendly learning zones and get at the top as well.
The Deputy CJ wondered how students resume classes and concentrate after giving birth because all the concentration is given to the newborn.
“I don’t know how that works for  after I got my first child all my concentration was directed towards my child.  I wonder if those who have given birth and resumed studies concentrate in class at all,” she added.
She said there is Child abuse in Kitui and nationwide calling upon the child molesters to completely keep off or continue facing the wrath of the law if nabbed.
Male teachers who are having affairs with girls were also put on notice.
 ” Some pretend to be coaching the girls in staff room and end up molesting them”, she said
Mwilu reminded defilers that if caught, the sexual offence act attracts a 15 year imprisonment and if caught with the young ones then it becomes life sentence.
She again reminded girls to be careful with any man around them saying that incest cases are on the rise.
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