Kalonzo challenges the Ndengu Revolution disputers


By Munyasya Musya and Barrack Muli.

NASA luminaries Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka have heavily praised Governor Ngilu’s Ndengu Revolution as the only forward step that shall alleviate Kitui  locals from the long periods of prolonged hunger.The two  termed the project as the only game changer towards sound food policy and wealth creation among the  farmers.The two spoke as they presided over the opening of Kitui Ececutive Villa on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at Kitui town owned by US based Kenyan scholar Prof. Makau Mutua.

They noted the idealism of the initiative that would generate billions of money to farmers besides ample food supplies.They said locals in the drought and famine prone Kitui area of Ukambani often depend on famine relief from both government and foreign donor organizations to sustain their livelihood.Ngilu’s Ndengu Revolution was the only solution that has now reversed the long lived scenario owing to unprecedented green gram bumper harvest countywide.

Odinga said that during he recently reached out foreign market in where he met PM Narendra Modi and agreed to lift an embargo on importation of at least 100, 000 metric tones of green grams annually.

“When I visited India recently with my wife Ida, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conceded that he had agreed with governor Ngilu to purchase ndengu from Kitui County but changed mind after India herself produced abundant harvest of ndengu and so they slapped importation embargo on Kenyan ndengu,” said the former PM.

Odinga offered to support the County Government of Kitui clinch a lucrative foreign market from Vietnam who he termed as also a major consumer of green grams.

On his part, Kalonzo urged the local leaders to have patience as Ngilu secures a ready market citing that the Ndengu Revolution has attained its objectives.He called upon joint efforts to secure market rather than constant attacks to Ngilu.

“Give the Governor time to work and stop the blame on ndengu market problem .Instead you should suggest and work out solutions to post- harvest management and availability of market,” Musyoka told Ndengu Revolution critics.

Musyoka noted that it was an achievement for Ngilu to mobilise farmers countywide to intensify embarkment on green gram production that has resulted to the current glut of the crop.

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