Matungulu MP opposes same school uniform


Matungulu constituency Member of Parliament Stephen Mutinda Mule has opposed the proposed similar uniform for all students.

Speaking on Sunday in Tala ,Matungulu sub county of Machakos county Mule said that it’s not a good idea to dress school kids with one uniform.

He observed that cases of indiscipline wouldn’t be determined when they happen since people won’t be able to distinguish which school was involved.

“School kids are not buses that you can just paint any color you want,this issue shouldn’t even be debatable at all since it can’t work”, Said Mule.

He noted that the Kenya National parents association was wrong to make such a recommendation considering the fact that uniform tendering has opened job opportunities many of people.

” It’s true some school heads connive with uniform suppliers to con parents but resolving to one uniform isn’t the solution “,Said Mule.

He also opposed the abolishment of boarding schools citing that the move won’t solve school unrests.

He urged the ministry of education to bring on board education stake holders and find ways of solving the problem instead of making populist’s utterances.

He said that school unrest aren’t only in boarding schools and transforming all the schools to day schools won’t stop the unrests.

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