Mwingi  Pastor excommunicated for feasting on minors

Residents evicting pastor Stephen Masila from his house in Nzawa village.[Photo/ Linah Musangi]

Rowdy residents of Nzawa village today (Monday) evicted a Pastor who hit headlines last week for defiling and impregnating a standard seven pupil from Nzawa Primary school in Nguutani ward, Mwingi Sub county of Kitui county.

Steven Masila who is a stranger in the village and operates a church by the name Arising Christian Ministries is said to be teaching school going children adult romantic lessons and bringing forth new ones as if called to fulfill biblical verse of filling the earth urging minors to procreate and subdue the earth in the name of brotherly love.
Apart from the minor who was recently defiled, he is said to have hooked several other girls from area to the dismay of the villagers.
As usual,the arrogant man of ‘god’ on Sunday addressing his congregation in a make shift alter hurled insults at local men claiming he has earned himself a lot of fame all over the media over his acts of ‘spreading the gospel’, hence he beats other men in this field.
‘ I have earned myself a lot of fame in the past few days, insinuating that I am the only standing man in this area,’ the pastor told local men.
According to the area residents the rogue pastor has been insulting them for a while,but yesterday worsened it by threatening them that they will be dying one after the other for falsefully accusing him of tasting school going children’s forbidden fruit.
Simon Mutua, a resident told journalists that they took the law into their hands and evicted the son of God from Nzawa village for this served him better.
‘This self proclaimed pastor has to leave our community now for we cannot continue living with a rapist in the name of serving God,’ another bitter resident added.
Pastor Masila leaving Nzawa village
To the dismay of his young wife, this is the third location they have been evicted from and wondered where they would head next for their name has already been tainted.
However, Migwani police arrived on time and  rescued the preacher from the riotous crowd before doing him any harm and rushed him to Nguutani police post to identify his new destination.
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