My life is in danger, says “Popular Blogger” Yoana Kimwele


Self proclaimed “Popular Blogger” Yoana Kimwele is running scared after a troublesome Kitui Hospital officer attacked and issued him with death threats last night.

Kimwele got a taste of John Mwalwa’s manic outbursts after the two engaged in a bitter exchange over the county officer’s storm-tossed employment.

Revelers at the popular Kafoca hotel scampered to safety as the ballistic Mwalwa took on Kimwele accusing him of orchestrating his job woes.

“It was around 8pm and I was having drinks with friends in one of the gazebos when Mwalwa came and picked a fight with me. He accused me of influencing his transfer and eventual interdiction from Kitui General Hospital.

“He violently shoved me around and even hit me with a seat, all the while threatening to cut off my ‘nuts’ and even kill me,” Kimwele told KO on Thursday morning, moments after recording a statement with police under OB-20/19/7/2018.

Efforts to reach Mwalwa for comment bore no fruits as calls to his cellphone went unanswered.

In December last year, health workers and patients seeking treatment at Kitui General Hospital were treated to a rare spectacle after the medic lost viciously attacked then Ag. Health Chief Officer Evans Mumo at the hospital’s administration block.

Mwalwa reportedly attacked the senior officer over the same disputed transfer.

He said would only heed the transfer over his dead body and swore to ruthlessly deal with whoever contemplated making him leave his current work station.

It is claimed that the transfer was part of disciplinary action against the clinical officer following his unbecoming conduct at place of work.

A reliable source at the hospital revealed that the medic, who is known for his penchant for trouble, is notorious for absconding duties besides harassing his colleagues while bragging about his being “untouchable”.

According to a petition raised by his colleagues (doctors, nurses and clinical officers) from across Kitui, the officer ends up being rejected in every station he gets posted to due gross misconduct.

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