Three types of cheating men

A cheating man

A cheating man is oftenly compared to a drunkard and some people say leaving your man because he cheats is like migrating from your land because it rains.

The same way there are different types of drunkards and so are cheaters.

Here are three types of cheating men in relationships.

1.Experimental cheaters

These are the kind of me who will cheat chronically until their spouse would think they’re past redemption.

Their relationships are faced with turmoil and after some two or three years the man goes back to himself.

He realises he has not only been hurting his girlfriend or wife but also the other women in his life.

And as they say you cannot change an unfaithful man unless he himself makes the decision, this kind of cheater sits down and analyses his actions.

Fortunately he realises he has been going the wrong way and if he’s lucky to find his spouse waiting they will live happily ever after.

And this has been a reason among which many women hold on to a relationship hoping things will change.

2.Chronic cheaters

These are men who who think of exchanging lovers everyday if possible,Most of these men are neither rich or poor and every cent he gets gives him confidence to find a new lass.

They are addicted to cheating just like gambling is addictive.

Some of these men have spouses who are aware they cheat and they are only left with three options.

The type that gets sick if they don’t go out and find someone new.

To either stay and continue complaining,accept he’s a cheater beyond repair and do the same or pack and leave to look for a better man.

If they don’t change along the way,they die cheaters.

3.Part time cheaters

These are men who cheat when they get a lot of cash and anytime they have such bundles of notes their minds click in finding a new ‘bedmate’.

Surprisingly when their wallets are dry their mind hibernates and cheating mode is deactivated.

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