Why most Slay Mamas wont miss attending a wedding

David Osiany and Syombua Mwele's wedding a year ago.
Wedding days have not seen well dressed damsels gracing the occasion, but slay queens also attend the memorable event.
Back in the days, getting married was an achievement. Many would attend the colorful ceremony to witness two become one. Today, most of  those in attendance make their way there to confirm whether the bride/ groom has the looks.
‘Huyo bibi harusi ata si msupuu despite hiyo make up yote, ‘  a slay queen comments.
Is she pregnant..?
This a million dollar question makes many city girls attend to confirm the presence of a baby bump in order to get that week’s topic of discussion.
“The bride bragged to us that they will get between sheets after marriage. What happened? ” a slay mama mocks the lady of the day.
Getting the groom’s phone number might attract some attendees as some want to call and ‘congratulate’ him for making the decision.
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