Ngilu cautioned of being led into a political ambush


A group of political veterans from kitui west constituency has cautioned kitui governor Charity Ngilu of being led into a political ambush by greedy sycophants in the name of giving advice.

Led by Fredrick Nzangi Keli,the senior citizens urged the governor to keenly scrutinized some of the gossips packaged as intel her supoorters tell intimate to her

They noted that the governor has already picked three unnecessary fights with fellow elected leaders all maliciously orchestrated by her supporters.

“These groups are derailing the governor’s five agenda manifesto when they lead her into verbal exchanges with with other poilitical leaders” said keli.

Notably the governor has a cold relationship with Mwingi central MP Gideon Mulyungi, Nimrod Mbai of kitui East, kitui south’s Rachael Nyamai and senator Enoch Wambua.

According to the group there is no sound reason for all these fights but gossip.

There is a clique of so-called supporters who believe that the only way to get bread is by pretending to love Ngilu passionately. They will do everything including posing for “forced photographs” even insulting other people with divergent views.

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At any moment, these people will look for any slight chance to take a stage managed photograph with mama Ngilu while shaking hands,

the photo will then be posted on every Social Media Network, with a view of making an impression that they are closer to the governor than others.

On national politics the group lauded kitui leaders who early this week paid deputy president william Ruto a visit saying that was a brilliant move

“as a community we need to take sides early to be relevant in 2022 realignments” said Kitheka Musyoki

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