Kitui CIDP: Treasury Awaits County Assembly Nod

County Assembly of Kitui.

The County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) has received a lot of attention among Kitui residents in the past one week. The CIDP is a prerequisite document for any serious County government that hopes to deliver to her people.

Kitui County’s CIDP is indeed a well thought out document that our treasury Ministry spent days to precipitate. But I must mention that this document is a corroborative effort of all the County Govt Ministries. This is done to ensure we capture all aspects since it is only the department heads in various ministries who carry the vision of their respective ministries. My Ministry played the mid-wife role and only offered guidance on areas that needed our technical input”, notes Ms Mary Nguli the CEC treasury.

According to the Chief Officer for Planning Mr. Justus, public participation is a key component in developing the CIDP. “The law requires that public opinion be given priority in formulation of key County documents. Our CIDP is peculiar in that it captures development projects per village in each ward. This is also to mean that our public participation barazas were held up to to the village level”, he adds

Members of the County Assembly in the Planning Committee are already in Mombasa deliberating on this document. We hope they will conduct their due diligence as soon as possible. The County Assembly is on course to ensure that this document gets the legal nod it requires”, revealed a senior officer in the County Assembly who sought anonymity.

In her opening remarks found in the initial pages of the CIDP document, Kitui governor H.E Charity Ngilu reassures the public that her government will give emphasis on implementing projects that have a touch with the common man. She avers that political leaders must learn to listen to what the electorate wants.

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