‘Kitui female dj acquires latest German machine’


A Kitui based popular female Dj left her fans mouth wide open after tying knot with a 90 year old ‘sponsor’ from Germany.

Proving that love is blind, our daughter’s love was not different at all. This blindness stated that age is just a number.

‘German machines’ are believed to be one of the best worldwide regardless of the age. This might have been the consideration the babe made.

Whoever drafted the vows should also consider today marriages where most of them are accelerated by cash regardless of age.

The newest couple, oops, the oldest couple in town took to Facebook to make known their union to all.

This is what Dj Betina posted on her official Facebook page after her wedding photos went viral.

Hallow friends and haters u are so quet……….for those who liked my wedding photos thank u, for those who told me congrats thank u,for those who said am bad sorry cz u dont know me,,make a date and come to me i will explain to u how bad i am ….for those who shared my photos in different groups and media thanks for making me famous dnt stop the spirit…and viusasa continues…….love is real’






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