KNUT now wants government laptop project stopped

Kenya national union of teachers dance to a jig in Makueni on Saturday/Mumo Agnes

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has called for the government to halt the laptop project to class one kids.

Speaking in Makueni on Saturday, the union’s deputy secretary general Hesbon Otieno said that the project has failed since most of the laptops are lying idle in school.

“The project has failed and the government should halt it immediately since it’s wastage of money”, Said Otieno.

He observed that the money used on the project should instead be channeled to other benefiting projects adding that the laptop project was a misplaced priority.

” A class one kid doesn’t need a laptop he needs milk for good health just like im the old times”,He said.

He noted that the planned teachers strike on first August is still in place.

He said that the strike is meant to push the Teachers service commission to promote teachers who have furthered their studies.

He further said that alot of teachers have not yet been promoted despite furthering their studies.
He denied claims that the strike is meant to protest delocalization of teachers.

“The teachers service commision has refused to listen to us the strike must happen to ensure our teachers are promoted”, He said.



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