Mp Mulyungi warns of locals taking law into own hands if stray elephants are not herded out of Ukasi area

Mwingi Central Mp, Hon Gideon address Mui residents



Mwingi central legislator Dr. Gideon Mulyungi has told Tourism CS, Najib Balala to act on the stray elephants in Ukasi area warning locals will take law in their own hands if nothing is done.


The locals have complained for over a month now since the invasion of the elephants where KWS sent a chopper to drive them away but they keep coming back calling for a better mechanism to completely herd them back to Kora National Park.


‘Cs Balala, as much as you are concentrating on rhinos, there are elephants in Mwingi which need to be herded to the national park for it it a great risk while they are among residents,’ The Mp called upon the Cs.




Failure to act, Dr. Mulyungi warned of locals taking law into own hands.



‘ Elephants can make very good stew. So if they continue staying here with us then they will be eliminated, ‘ Tsunami cautioned.





He added that a lot of farmers have been counting losses after the elephants invade their farms damaging their crops such as watermelon and green grams.


A resident Musya Kyalo said the elephants came from Kora and Tsavo national parks.


Musya also added that they live and sleep in fear because the animals can easily attack them. Kyalo said its either KWS drive them away from the area or the locals will act on them.


“In 2014 a pupil was attacked and killed by a stray elephant in Ngaaie very early in the morning as he prepared to go to school. The elephants had taken time in the area too but KWS acted after the boy was killed and compensated the boys family,” added Kyalo.


He wondered what benefit do the locals get after being compensated when lives have been lost. Kyalo added that prevention is always better and KWS should act quickly before the worst happens.





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