Kitui County takes a step in environmental conservation


Governor Charity Ngilu watering a tree on  her tour to Nzambani Ward

The County Government of Kitui has launched the County Climate Change Fund an event that was led by Governor Charity Ngilu flagged by county officers in Nzambani Ward.The initiative is aimed at ensuring checks and control to the environmental use to fight the effects arising from poor conservation of environment. The chief financiers of climate fund include the County Government of Kitui and International Agencies among them Adaptation Consortium that is funded by the Department of International Development of the UK Government, the Anglican Development Eastern Services.

Other financier bodies sourced from Kenya are KEFRI and NEMA which both deal with environmental matters among others and will aid in reversing the adverse effects of climate change.Several environment related stakeholders were actively involved in stipulation of regulations to oversee the program.

Addressing the launch on Wednesday, 1st August 2018, Governor Ngilu decried the wanton environmental destruction through uncontrolled sand harvesting and commercial charcoal burning that have left the county greatly exposed to threats of prolonged droughts and resultant famine.

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“Kitui’s forest cover today stands at 7% way below the recommended minimum of 10%” she said.

Noting the massive support the charcoal ban has attracted across the country and its adoption as a national policy for the environmental conservation, said the county will be in the forefront in initiating programs that will ensure sustainable exploitation of natural resources, protect the environment and significantly reverse the currently felt adverse effects of climate change.

She further urged the locals to commit in tree planting exercises countywide confirmed her administration already allocated 1% of the county’s total budget ( totalling Sh 117 m) to support the fund launched today.Adaptation Consortium shall be contributing sh. 85M towards the same initiative.Ngilu said her government is constructing earth dams, sand dams, rock catchments and borehole rehabilitation to curb water scarcity in the county.

Nzambani Women Groups exhibiting Eco Jikos to Governor Ngilu

During the launch held at Kyanika Village in Nzambani Ward , local Women Groups exhibited Eco Jikos that consume low charcoal quantities hence the most suitable for domestic use.

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By Barrack Muli


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