when man was forced to give his motorbike,sh.100 for ‘chewing’ someone’s wife


There was drama in Maiyuni village in Kangundo sub county of Machakos county on August 2017 after a man was caught in the act with someones wife.

This is after the husband Johnstone Munyaka laid a trap for his wife after word from neighbours that his wife was unfaithful.

Munyaka was at times away from school as he attended theology classes at a college in Kitui.

According to neighbours the wife, Mary Mbaika would take advantage of her husbands absence to bring her lover identified as Joseph Mwania.

Munyaka told the press that his wife has a history of unfaithfulness recalling an incident in 2014 where she poured parrafin on his chest and set herself on fire after he confronted her with allegations of cheating.

After a five month treatment at Machakos hospital Munyaka accepted back his wife making her promise not to cheat again.

However she was back to her old traits again just two year later after the incident.

On this fateful day Munyaka made his wife believe he had left for school only to secretly trail her to her lover’s home located in Maiyuni.

Munyaka waited outside Mwani’s house for nearly 30 minutes.

After the lovebirds had embarked on intimate action, Munyaka broke into Mwania’s home and nabbed the two having sex.

Munyaka screamed, attracting the neighbours’ attention.

The drama was taken to the office of Maiyuni Assistant Chief, Consolata Ndunge, who witnessed the two mensign an agreement that Mwania will pay Munyaka Ksh100, 000 and give him his motorbike valued at sh.80,000 as compensation for sleeping with his wife.

The signing of the agreement between was rubber-stamped by Ms Ndunge witnessed by two other people.

Munyaka’s wife, Mbaika, has since gone back to her parents’ home in Kanzalu, Kangundo sub-county.

Her husband had vowed not to accept her back due to the fact that she had cheated on him countless times with different men.


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