County orders indefinite closure of Mt. Kenya wholesalers


Mount Kenya Wholesalers located in county’s headquarters.

Kitui County ministry of Public Health and Sanitation has indefinitely closed Mount Kenya Wholesalers based in Kitui town following a thorough inspection conducted by its officers to check on the sanitarian status of the premise.The conducted inspection brought out that the premise has failed to comply fully to the set health standards by the county ministry hence the possible likelihood of exposure of its foodstuffs to contamination.

The closure of Kitui based Mt. Kenya Wholesalers was prompted following a sanitation inspection in their premises by the County Public Health team.In a letter dated 2nd August this year, the wholesalers management was informed that the premise didn’t meet the minimum health requirements hence impending threat of exposure of their foodstuffs to contamination.

The wholesalers have been directed by the health department to adhere to the recommendations of the county Sanitation Report.The inspecting taskforce argued that premise’s failure to comply with the set health standards would interfere with the storage of the stocked foodstuffs making them unfit for human consumption and if consumed feared to spur up related ailments.

Upon meeting the threshold health requirements, the premise is expected to get back to its normal operations.Over the past few months, the ministry has been scrutinizing all the county-based retail and wholesale shops in an attempt to protect the consumers.

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