Four traits men find unattractive in women

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A beautiful woman is an asset to any man and that’s the reason some men will go far and beyond to ‘bag‘ a beautiful woman, the one woman who will walk past you and you will be forced to make a u -turn.

However beauty isn’t all a woman needs to posses to keep a man reason for increase in divorce since the man jumped into conclusion after he got drunk with beauty.

  1. If a woman is beautiful but posses the following traits be sure no man can stand her.

1. Clean

Men may not be the cleanliest people on earth but would wish to marry an organised and neat woman,whose fingers would do magic when it vomes to organising the home.

Meeting with utensils outside the door and unmade bed will automatically earn you a divorce.


No man likes a woman who shouts at the top of her voice whether quarreling or cheering. Infact a lot of men prefer quiet women who don’t attract attention at a meeting or luncheon.

3. Over-independent ladies

A lady with a salary shouldn’t expect the man to cater for all her needs,he needs a break with time he will start perceiving you as a burden and whenever you call I’m sure he gets the thought ‘now what does this woman want’ feeling.

4. Lazy

Even if you’ve got a housemaid houseboy and any help you need a man would want a woman who can cut costs by doing some of the chores.

What would be your job in the house if you can’t cook for your husband do his laundry or even look after the kids and then you start crying foul after you’re dumped for your housemaid whomhas been perfirming your duties.

Beauty without character cannot keep a man.

Every man wants a woman who is desired by many not because of her appearance butdrunk character.


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