Angry Matuu residents demand immediate transfer of OCS


Business at the busy Matuu town in Machakos county came to a stand still for over three hours after angry residents barricaded Thika, Garissa highway vehemently protesting against harassment by Matuu police station OCS.



The residents who were comprised of business community led by several MCAs from Yatta sub county led by their Matuu ward counterpart Mbili Ndawa, matched peacefully up to the Matuu police station intending to eject the OCS Mr James Nyakangi.


The residents who appealed to the Inspector General of police to transfer the officer out of the station argued that the OCS has been terrorizing them especially the business community and collaborating with criminal elements.


They demanded immediate transfer of the officer from the station failure to which they would continue with the demonstrations after every two days.


They said the officer had stayed at the station for five years but when they pressurized for his transfer, he was later returned to the station against their wish.


The residents said the officer has been boasting to have a Godfather who protects him and ensures he stays at any station of his choice


The residents matched from the centre of Matuu town to the police station one kilometer away where they threatened to force their way in the station to flash out the officer but the Yatta deputy county commissioner Mr Edward Chabari, intervened and pleaded with the angry crowd to restrain assuring them that their grievancies would be addressed.


They however, heeded the commissioner’s advise but warned that if their plight was not honoured they will resume demonstrations after two days.


Mr Ndawa told the rowdy crowd including the county commissioner that his life was in danger after the officer had promised to deal with him for organizing the protest.


“If I die you should ask the OCS because he has promised to deal with me for demanding his removal from the station’’ said the fire breathing MCA Mr Ndawa.


However, the commissioner was quick to assure him of total protection from the government adding that Mr Ndawa had nothing to worry about.


At the gate of the police station, before the county commissioner arrived, police armed with rivals had strategized themselves and cocked the guns ready to counter any eventuality but thank God Mr Chabari arrived in time to prevent the possible bloody confrontation.


Motorists on the busy highway had to deviate to other routes to avoid the charging crowd who were singing ‘’Haki yetu’ Nyakangi must go’’.






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