Former MP urges clergy to champion efforts in fight against graft

From left Kenya films and classification board CEO ezekiel Mutua with former mwala mp daniel muoki at a past event/Facebook

Former Mwala member of parliament Daniel Muoki has asked the clergy to champion efforts in fight against corruption.

Speaking at a fundraising ceremony in Muthetheni Sunday Muoki hailed president Uhuru Kenyatta for his efforts in fighting graft.

He said that the clergy should not be silent about the corrupt happenings in the country.

Ethics and Anti corruption commission is doing a lot to ensure they nab those inbolved in graft theri efforts should be recognised and the church should be on the frontline in speaking against corruption in the country“, Said Muoki.

He said that Archbishop Eliud Wabhukala chairing the Ethics and Anti corruption commission would ensure reduced cases of corruption in the country.

He observed that millions of Kenyans are living in abject poverty due to corruption where taxpayers money was mismanaged“, He Said.

He urged Kamba leaders to avoid supremacy battles and cultivate unity among themselves for the sake of the community and country at large.

He said that unity in the community will ensure effecting true devolution.

When leaders are united they won’t spend their time fighting each other instead ghey will devise methods that will ensure development to the grassroots,that’s devolution“, added Muoki.


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