Dissolve parliament to do away with corrupt MP’s,Matungulu MP tells President Uhuru

Matungulu mp stephen mule speaks at the funeral/mumo agnes

Matungulu member of parliament Stephen Mule has urged president Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve the parliament and let there be a by election.

This is in a bid to clean up the rotten assembly who have put their interests before those of the common mwananchi who is suffering at the grassroots.

This is after claims that a secrion of the law makers were allegedly bribed to trash the controversial contraband sugar report.

He said that then the electorates will have. a chance to elect leaders who know their responsibilities.

“Mr.President everything is clear now we now know who is who just dissolve the assembly and let us go back to the electorates who will know what to do”, Said Mule.

Mule who spoke at a burial ceremony in Matungulu sub county of Machakos county on Thursday said that the legislators who accepted to be bought have painted a bad picture of the whole assembly.

His words were echoed by his Dagoretti North counterpart Simba Arati who said that the assembly is rotten starting from the speaker downwards.

NASA chief Raila Odinga who was present saod that the bribing took place in the toilet and those accepted to be corrupted should carry their own cross.

” Don’t blame the corruptor but the one who accepted to be corrupted,let them carry their own cross”,Said Raila.


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