Foods you shouldn’t take on an empty stomach


At the time one is feeling hungry a balanced diet is the last thing on his/her mind.
However there are foods that nutritionist wouldn’t advise you to eat on an empty stomach.
This is because some of thema may turn out to be dangerous.
Here is a list of foods you should not take on an empty stomach.
No matter how attractive and entiving it looks on the fridge or shelf of a shop,you shouldn’t take yoghurt before eating.
An empty stomach is full of acid and if one takes yoghurt the lactic acid bacteria found in youghurt won’t be effective.
Bananas are among the commonest fruits found across the world.
They have magnesium and pottasium and when one takes a banana on an empty stomach he or she might have Heart problems since there sould be an imbalance of the two minerals in the blood.
3.Citrus fruits
6. Citrus fruits
People suffering from ulcers,diabetes or have sensitive stomachs should not take citrus fruits on an empty stomach.
Citrus fruits such as oranges,lemoms and lime have high acidity which may cause heartburn or gastric problems because of their interraction with the digestive juices.
4.Cold beverages
Cold beverages
Cold carbonated drinks cause bloating and irritation in the intestines due to the gas they have.
Nutritionists would advise ome to take warm water before eating instead of a beverage.
Tomatoes contain insoluble anstrigents which react with the gastric acid thus causing stomachache and discomfort.
5. Raw green vegetables
There’s no doubt vegetables are considered to be among the most nutritious and healthy foods.
However taking raw vegetables may leave you with a sore sfomach due to the irritation and aching.



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