Ngilu quench locals thirst, fights hunger, improves healthcare in one year

H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu - Governor, Kitui County


KITUI GOVERNOR Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu chaired county professionals forum held in Nairobi where she rolled out her accomplishments to the county locals.Flanked by her cabinet and top county officials, she outlined her administration’s chief accomplishments for the past one year since she took off the county headship from ex-governor Dr. Julius Malombe.

Ngilu further applauded Kitui professionals for their determined efforts that saw her clinch gubernatorial seat after flooring her competitors in last general election.The county head expressed her gratification that the elite were ready to not only to offer political support but also provide knowledge and skills to propel the county forward.
Governor Ngilu said she inherited a government that was at odds with her vision and could not therefore achieve much as she wanted because it was not in rhyme with her priorities.The county head said she nevertheless covered notable laying a strong foundation for success.


“In order to achieve the objectives of the manifesto on whose basis I campaigned, I had first to feed my people so that no one was suffering from hunger as has been the case, ” added happy Ngilu.

In her bid to kick out hunger, she successfully launched the Ndengu Revolution in partnership with Kenya Red Cross, KRC under chairmanship of Dr. Abbas Gullet who aided the county in financing the project alongside provision of farm inputs to the farmers.The body maintained a close liaison with the locals monitoring their farms progress, provision of insecticides, other necessities translating to bumper harvest of the cereal.

“In order to achieve the objectives of the manifesto on whose basis I campaigned, I had first to feed my people so that no one was suffering from hunger as has been the case.The Ndengu revolution has ensured food security in the entire county. Today, I am a happy governor that we have enough food for everyone in Kitui county,” added happy Ngilu.


To fight the chronic water scarcity in Kitui, Ngilu clarified that her government has revived over 100 stalled boreholes to ensure every household access clean water at the nearest point possible. For long, the locals have been travelling long distances to quench their thirsty.

“We also distributed more than 1500 water tanks. We have also trained 500 youths to maintain boreholes so that they are enabled to resolve small issues whenever there is a breakdown,” said the governor.


To better primary healthcare, Governor Ngilu said already 82 dysfunctional health facilities have been re-opened, staffed with requisite petsonel and stocked with adequate drugs.She further said the efforts have raised the number of operational health facilities to more than 260. Ms. Ngilu said that upto 35 doctors and more that 800 assorted medical experts had been employed to serve Kitui locals.She said all the 14 level four hospitals in Kitui are under mann by fully qualified doctor alongside nurses and clinical officers.

“We bought hospital equipment, ranging from CT scans, X-ray, ECG (Electrocardiography) and we just launched Kitui County Universal Health Insurance Cover(K-CHIC) I welcome you all to fully support this noble idea,” Ngilu told the proffessionals.

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