A kitui family appeals for Ksh.1.5 million medical fee to treat their daughter’s heart defect

A family from Kutha village in Mutongoni Sub County in Kitui County is appealing for help in raising Ksh1.5 Million medical fee required to treat a heart defect which has been tormenting their 4 years old daughter since birth.
According to Sammy Makau (47years) who is the father to the child, their daughter developed some complications since birth and they have been moving from one hospital to another in search of medical help for their daughter in vain.
Mr. Makau said that Stacy Nzambi, their firstborn daughter has been suffering severe heart complications depicted by abnormal heart beats and fever which has been causing them sleepless nights until they decided to source medical attention from nearby Muthale Mission hospital where doctors referred them to an imaging center in Kitui.
After CT-scan in Kitui, doctors revealed that the young girl had been suffering a heart defect resulting from partial failure of one heart valve, meaning that sometimes heart has been unable to properly supply blood to most parts of the body resulting into fatigue and severe pain.
The father said after the results in Kitui he decided to take his daughter to Matta hospital in Nairobi where further examinations were done and doctors said that the heart defect that the minor was suffering could be corrected only through a surgery which will cost her parents an overwhelming Ksh. 1.5 million.
According to the parents, they have been unable to raise the medical fee for their child and they have been watching desperately as her condition continue to deteriorate and they are now fearing that the worst could happen as the child is now experiencing recurrent nose bleedings and sometimes vomiting blood.
Irene Kanini, the mother of the child said that her family has endured a lot of suffering owing to the sickness of their child and even getting finances for their daily breed has been hectic as all the funds have been channeled towards medical bills for their daughter.
The family is currently seeking aid from well-wishers and people of good heart to help safe life of the 4 years old Stacy Nzambi who is going through unbearable daily pain.
Any person who is touched by the story may reach her parents via phone no: 0724540013.
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