Kitui leaders want the government to employ more police reservists

Hon Nimrod Mbai, Mp Kitui East

Kitui East leaders have called on the government to employ more police reservists to curb increased cases of insecurity in the area.

Speaking during the launch of Nziu community ranch at Twambui, Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai noted that there was lack of security along the porous Kitui-Tana river border.

“We know the security problem in this region is caused by lack of enough police officers and we are asking the government to employ more reservists to increase security in the border areas,” said the MP.

He said the recent attacks and killings of several herders by bandits in the area were caused by lack of enough security officials.

“We want the national government to beef up security in the areas along the border so that our farms can be safe. The damage we have incurred so far is huge and irreversible,” He said.

Mr Mbai pointed out several areas in Kitui south, Mwingi central and Kitui east where there are no police posts despite the areas being prone to attacks from bandits.

He noted that together with other Kitui legislators they have hatched a plan to sponsor a motion in parliament to have movement of animals from one county to another regulated as remedy to the recurrent banditry attacks.

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