Parents and students left stranded as bus fare doubles 

The question, what ails our education system begs as students force sudden closure of school.

Parents accompanied by their school going children were yesterday spotted in different parts of Mwingi town trying to buy time to see whether the bus fare will reduce to normal.




The parents who expressed their concern and anger wondered why the vehicle owners always double bus fare when children are opening and closing schools.




Some parents take their children back to school after three to four days to avoid such expenses.



“I am supposed to pay fare for my two children who are going back to their schools in Nairobi. We normally pay Ksh. 300 but now they are asking for sh 600-800 each. Even if they are business this is not fair at all. I have to do their shopping,pay school fees and then the hyped bus fares, ‘ complained Winfred Mukami a mother of two.




Mukami said there is no way the parents can avoid the fare hiking since nobody can go back to school before they open.



She called upon the operators to be humane enough and maybe raise the bus fare with considerable amount like Ksh. 100.





Mutisya Katuva, a driver of one of the famous buses plying Mwingi-Nairobi route said they are acting on some orders from the owners.





“We cannot avoid this but personally I feel it’s not okay to make parents suffer this much. I am a parent too but when the owners decide, I am just an employee and I have nothing to do. I only make sure my conductor adheres to it too. This happens even in all holidays,” Katuva said.






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