Who will marry you after your sponsor uses, impregnates and dumps you

Barely dressed fans at the field show off their behinds at the tournament
It pains me and confuses me a
lot when i see a lady aged over 30 years with two kids looking for a stable single guy to marry! Most of these ladies are not
widows and are they victims of
rape !
These are ladies who spent all their youthful lives swinging their buttocks like peacocks and
distributing their p***y like youth funds!
In their youthful days these ladies were untouchables and
they had no time for their age mates and potential suitors , they were soo proud of themselves
thus pushing away all the potential suitors .
Their womanhood was reserved for bad
boys and men with money who
could afford pizza and hot dogs !
‘Poor broke’ guys had no chance at all.
Then after decades of
swallowing P2s and wasting themselves and getting fatherless
bastards now they want a stable man to feed them and their
funny looking kids!
Who do u think you are?
how lucky can you be?
who told you men are this foolish?
Even if you get this foolish man
to marry you he will still run away after coming back to his
senses because …….
Any lady over 30 years with kids
and a rotten past belongs to team hyena !
She cannot have her cake and eat it. If you waste your youthful life opening your legs to sponsors and other madmen then don’t
waste your future looking for nice honest men !
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