Wierd ways to test for pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings tears to the eyes whether tears of joy or sadness.

Though pregnancy may come with symptoms but still one has to take a test.
Apart from using a test kit and visiting the doctor for testing there are other ways of knowing whether you’re pregnant.

Here are wierd ways of testing for pregnancy:

1.Using wine

This alcohol beverage contains a composition that can test pregnancy.
You just need your morning urine and mix it with a small amount of wine then wait for five minutes while observing the changes.

If there’s colour change, it’s highly possible you’re pregnant but if the colour doesn’t change then the chances of you being paged are very small.

2.Boiling Urine

To confirm whether you’re pregnant by the urine test, you need to have your morning urine sample in a pan (preferably the one you stopped using long ago). After ensuring there’s no splatter, let the urine boil as you observe the changes carefully.

If the urine boils with a froth just like milk then you are pregnant but if the urine doesn’t show any froth, you’re not pregnant.

3. Using Dettol antiseptic

Dettol is an antiseptic mostly used at homes for minor cuts but who knew it can test pregnancy. Pour Dettol in a plastic cup and add your morning urine making sure the ratio is 1:3 for Dettol is to urine let the mixture rest for a couple of minutes as you observe.

If you get a separate layer of urine on top of the Dettol then you are pregnant, but if the separation doesn’t occur then you’re not pregnant.

4. Inserting onion into your vagina
This method is quite easy while testing for pregnancy. You simply Insert a piece of onion and sleep with it overnight but ensure you have a piece of thread tied to it.

In the morning if you wake up with an onion smell in your mouth you are not pregnant, but if you wake up without the smell in your mouth there’s a high chance you are going to become a mother.


A happy woman after pregnancy test/123rf
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