Local farmers to benefit from county’s agricultural extension services

H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu - Governor, Kitui County

By Steve Mumbu

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu held a joint meeting with the county officers from the agricultural, livestock and fisheries departments where she challenged the officers to change their approach in dealing with their respective sub-sectors to propel the county’s economy to higher levels thus reducing locals dependency on relief food popularly called ‘mwolyo’. Governor urged Agricultural, Fisheries and Livestock officers to embrace accommodative strategies to better farmers output in an attempt to fight hunger in Kitui.

The Governor appealed to the officers to develop elaborate accomodative strategies in the implementation of development development plans and policies. Ngilu was speaking on Monday, 3rd September, 2018 when she met these county officers in Kitui town to discuss on how to better the sectors.She further told field extension officers to ensure Kitui local farmers cease to complain about their performance and ensure they feel their presence and impact through their regular advisory and guidance on effective modern farming practices for increment in output.

Ngilu urged the officers to ensure quality services deliverance to local farmers so as to maximize agricultural productivity towards fulfilment of her manifesto that seeks to ensuring sustainable food production to kick out hunger from Kitui and wealth creation by providing farmers with the requisite field training and advisory services.The county head called upon the county based extension officers to educate Kitui farmers on modern agricultural technologies that when embraced shall eradicate hunger in the county and as well equipping them with the best farming practices to give them a competitive edge over other farmers in Kenya and beyond.

She further said her adminstration would provide the necessary resources and goodwill to propel the four key sectors to greater heights of success as they are the life-line to the county economy.

The meeting was also addressed by the county’s Executive Member for Agriculture, Water and Irrigation Hon. Emmanuel Kisangau.

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