Governor unwraps county’s plans to harness its endowed vast mineral deposits

Kitui Governor, H.E Charity Ngilu addressing Ukambani leaders during 'Komarock Declaration'

Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu has expressed her determined efforts geared towards ensuring Kitui county locals enjoy the fruits of county’s endowed vast natural wealth through exhaustive exploitation of the county’s deep mineral deposits.Ngilu further clarified that those locals living in minerals- rich areas will only lease out their land to the miners for the agreed period of time rather than selling their pieces of land so as to necessitate their return back to their land upon completion of mining activities.

She said 10% of the mining proceeds shall be allocated to compensate the displaced locals, 30% to the County Government to propel forward various county’s economic undertakings and 60% to the National Government.

The Governor was speaking while launching a two-day conference at Thome wa Akilisto in kitui town early Tuesday , September 11th 2018.Various mining stakeholders brought together include Artisinal Miners, Local Community Representatives from mineral rich areas of Mui basin in Mwingi, Ngaaie, Kiimu, Twimuma, Mutito/Kaliku, Endau/Malalani, zombe, Simisi, Athi, Mutomo, kanziko and Mithikwani all which have been discovered to have deep mineral pockets.

The county miners conference is dubbed Unlocking Mineral Wealth For The Benefit of All Kitui People for Now and The Future, and aims at sensitizing the participants on Artisinal mining, Land aquisition processes and compensation procedures, Benefit revenue sharing, Environmental conservation, Social and Health rights, Business and human rights and Community participation in the entire mining process.

County Government of Kitui through the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources organized the conference in conjunction with a county based NGO, Caritas Kitui, an event that has drawn officials from globally known bodies such as the Transperency International, Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education, Save Lamu, Kenya Human Rights Commission, Action Aid Kenya, Taita Human Rights Network Inuka, Kenya ni Sisi and Haki Madini Kenya among other groups in operating domestically within Kenya.

Ngilu was accompanied by Kitui County Environment Minister Hon. John Makau, Chief officer, CO Ministry of Environment Kioko Kiilu and the Head of Manifesto Implimentation Unit Mr. Nene Nzyuko

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