KWS officers kill hippo in Masinga dam


Kenya wildlife service officers on Tuesday killed a hippopotamus in Masinga dam.

This is in an ongoing crackdown on rogue hippos which have caused havoc in the surrounding areas.

The crackdown was led by a warden from Ol-donyo Sabuk national park Polycarp Okuku.

Okuku said that they had received information that some hippos were attacking residents barring them from accessing the dam.

In the action one hippo escaped with injuries after it was shot by the KWS officers.

“We were notified of the situation, wildlife -human conflict in the area had intensified and we had to act fast since the hippos were attacking residents”,, Said Okuku.

He said they aimed at not only protecting wildlife but also the people and their property from any threat.

Last week in Katulye village in Masinga sub county one man was reportedly killed by a hippo.

The incident infuriated residents who called for KWS to chip in and tame the rogue beasts.

Joshua Mwalyo,Masinga member of Parliament had also threatened to give the residents a go ahead to deal with the hippos even if it meant killing them.

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