Homabay man nursing injuries after wife pours boiling oil on him


A woman in Homabay is being hunted by police for allegedly pouring boiling oil to her husband after they had a heated domestic argument.

The man, who is a fisherman is nursing burn injuries, resulting from the hot oil that was poured on him.

The area Chief Samuel Obado confirmed the incident and said that it might have resulted from an intensified domestic disagreement.

He also added that his office is aware of their constant arguments and fights which have escalated of late.

“I have received reports lately of the fights and quarrels from the two on regular basis  lately and my effort to arbitrate them has been to no avail” Obado said.

The chief also noted that the suspect, Millicent Atieno pulled out a sufuria of boiling oil from fire and poured it on her husband before taking off.

Mr. Obado lamented that such cases are becoming rampant in the area, and called upon residents and villagers to embrace more civilized ways of conflict resolution, to avoid casualties and deaths.

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“I want to urge residents and fellow villagers to please use more civilized ways to solve their differences. Let us embrace dialogue when solving issues to avoid such cases like this and worse still deaths.” he added.

Relevant government agencies have also been called upon to step in and enlighten families on domestic conflicts management and control.


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