How Mulolongo residents want central government to curb accidents in the area


Residents of Mlolongo in Mavoko sub county of Machakos county have urged the government to erect a footbridge at the area to curb accidents which have been on the rise.

In an interview with some of the residents, they told this writer that pedestrians have been losing their lives and there’s need for an immediate action.

“So many people have lost their lives while crossing the road along Mombasa road at Mlolongo and there’s need for a flyover to ensure safe crossing for not only adults but children too.The situation tends to be worse at dusk “, Said Sam Kioko a resident.

He said that vehicles at this area are over speeding thus posing a challenge to pedeatrians.

Kioko added that on the other side of the road there are  social amenities that the residents depend on in their day to day lives.

“Most of churches and schools are located across the road so crossing the road on daily basis is a must by the residents and so the government ought to listen to our cries and solve the situation. The road isn’t safe for us anymore”,He said.

He observed that for three years now they have been pleading with the government to hear their cries in vain.

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