Muthama condemns MPs who supported 2018 Finance Bill

Former senator Johnstone Muthama at a past event/Mumo Agnes

Former Machakos County Senator Johnston Muthama has heavily criticized MPs who failed to support Finance Bill 2018 that has since been signed into Law.

He said the legislators are just malicious and greedy and accused them of doing little for the people that elected them giving them empty promises and false hopes.

“MPs failed and should not pretend that they were fighting for Kenyans interests,” he said.
Muthama maintained that the bill does not have the interests of common Kenyans and any compassionate leader should have rejected it since it is over-burdening Kenyans with taxes.

Addressing residents in Kangundo town on Saturday, the former Senator said that as much as the government has a duty to impose and collect taxes from Kenyans, over-taxing poor citizens with levies is not acceptable.

Muthama lamented that millions of Kenyans are already struggling to survive and therefore increasing levies on fuel would only hurt them more.

He said Kenyans should prepare for tough economic times ahead.

Parliament on Thursday passed the Finance Bill 2018 that imposes eight percent VAT on petroleum products.

The Bill however seems controversial with a section of MPs citing dictatorship and strong-arming in the manner in which it was passed and threatening to impeach Speaker Justin Muturi for allegedly imposing it in the House.

“It is so unfortunate, and I am so displeased by the manner the Speaker declared that the Bill had passed when it is clear the nays carried the day. From here the solution is to impeach him,”Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati declared.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has since signed the Bill into Law.

The president had earlier rejected the Finance Bill, 2018 which proposed that the 16 percent tax on petroleum products be postponed until 2020.

“I am deeply concerned with the dictatorship which has been exhibited in Parliament this afternoon and Mr Speaker Justin Muturi I respect you but this time, this time, you were not a patriot this afternoon, ” added Laikipia mp Catherine Waruguru.

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