Set foot on Kituluni Hills which defy the law of gravity

A section of 100m Kituluni hills stretch that defies the law of gravity, Machakos

On your way to Kangundo just a few kilometres from Masaku town, you meet Kituluni Hills where the law of gravity is non-existent as water freely flows up the hill.As a prove to the hill mystery, the visiting people have always parked their vehicles at the side of the hill and interestingly their motor cars have always accelerated up the magical hill at speed of approximately 5km/Hr for a distance of about 100 meters.The site oddity has been associated with two Akamba legends, Kyalo and Mwilu who lived at the place long time ago.The two brothers are believed to have married one beautiful wife who frequently visited them in turns one after the other.

They are said to have lived 100 meters apart, Kyalo at the lower part while Mwilu at the higher part of the hill.The local community believe that the forces of nature conspire at this point hence the unusualness to the place.This is attributed to the brothers’ act of marrying to same woman, against community norms, who upon death got burried equidistantly from each other’s homestead.The hill has now been baptized Kyamwilu hill , a name drawn from the two brother’s names first syllables -Kya from Kyalo and Mwilu.The scientists have tried to explain the phenomenon but they haven’t identified the real facts for the place oddity.

If you place a rounded object at the base of the hill, the object is said to roll up hill freely.Your motor car will ascend the hill free gear.

The two brothers’ homesteads were separated by a stream that served as decision making point for their wife.Whenever she wanted to make a visit to either of her husbands, she camped at the river while making a decision of whom to visit.

Akamba traditions point that the two were burried uphill when they died.It is said their spirits are still fighting upto date hence pull of gravity up the hill.The site was discovered by a white man who had left his vehicle at the side of hill and down the stream to fetch water. When back, he was shocked to find his motor car having accelerated few meters up the hill.

Today, a group of youths have established the area their economic centre where they practically experiment to the tourists at a small fee.

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