Why Consume Citrus Fruits, Lemon Extract

Lemons, citrus fruits rich in minerals, fibres and citric acid

Have you ever seen some people drink lemon extract whether hot or cold, or apply it into their skin? If yes, you should have made an enquiry as to why consume the juice, if not this is why you should start using lemons daily.

Human Skin Beautification : Lemons are citrus fruits rich in vitamins C, A and other essential minerals, calcium, Phosphorus, potassium, traces of iron for body growth and development.Among the numerous benefits of lemon fruits is beautification value of curing skin acnes, well to brightening the face.Application of the juice on face also prevents the formation of wrinkles on the face, early face ageing.The minerals present in lemons nourish brain cells and activate the nerves boosting memory.The fruit juice serves as medicine and anti-bacteria.Also, the fruit outer covering is rich in fibre content that plays vital role in human body physiological functions.

Immune, Blood Circulation Booster : The extract also boosts our immune system keeping us away from frequent disease infections.Alongside immune boosting, the juice as well purifies the blood aiding the blood circulation system.Lemon has antiseptic characteristics to the human skin where it prevents pathogenic entry through skin into the body.It contains citric acid, a weak acid that balances pH levels (acidity and alkalinity) in the body.The acid curbs multiplication of harmful pathogenic bacteria in the human body.To athletes, the juice is useful for reducing knee joints’ pain well to inflammation.

Cures Common Cold : Common cold is among the most frequent infections to people especially during cold weather.Most people have turned to using lemon to cure common cold.It really works well when used by the infected.

Serves as Digestion Aid : Drinking glasses of hot or warm lemon juice boosts digestive system hence preventing one’s chances of experiencing constipation.Its sour taste stimulates mass production of digestive juices (from the glands) to the system thus minimizing build up of harmful body toxins.

Used as Breath Freshener : Do you avoid conversing with people directly due to the bad odor coming from your mouth? Lemon extract serves to neutralize mouth odors and breaths caused by eating foods rich in strong smells.

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