Bungoma MCA in trouble for impregnating his colleague’s daughter

Bungoma MCA Martin Wanyonyi

A Bungoma Member of County Assembly has found himself in big trouble after being accused of putting his lover’s daughter on the family way.

The MCA, Martin Wanyonyi of Ndivisi Ward has reportedly been dating a fellow MCA and her daughter at the same time. It is during the steamy affair with the colleague, Victoria Makhanu’s popularly known as MCA Mihuu that he got her pregnant.

The girl who is a student allegedly gave birth to twins three weeks ago but one died shortly after.

Elders now demand that the three should undergo a cleansing ritual to rid the families of curses that could befall them.

“This is a great abomination and disgrace especially being associated with a Bungoma elected leader whom people must have had total trust to have elected him. We are so disappointed as the elders of this land demand that they all go for cleansing ritual or else they will bring curses and bad omen to their people” one elder said.

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Also, another case of romantic relationship with a close family member by a political leader is the Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s case.

The governor who is currently facing murder charges is said to have been involved with his wife’s (Helen Obado) step sister Rhoda Nyakwaka.

The county chief is said to have bought Ms Nyakwaka a house in Nyasare Estate. She is also rumored to have gotten rid of a five month pregnancy following criticism from close family members.

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