A student accuses her school of “compromising” her religious beliefs

The letter written by the student to Nyahururu Girls Administration

Nyahururu Girls National School administration has suspended has suspended a form two student after skipping exams on a Saturday.

The Seventh Adventist student then proceeded to write a letter to the administration stating the reason why she did not make it to the exam room.

In the letter, the “religious” teenager explained that her rights to worship can never be compromised at any time.

“Despite the consequences, I will never ever study or do exams on God’s own stationed Sabbath. I know that everything that happens God is always aware of it. I need not be afraid of the outcome. As God delivered Daniel from the den of lions, he will also deliver me. I know God is my Lord and King of kings”. Read part of the letter that astonished and enraged teacher.

Nyahururu Girls is a Catholic school and students are strictly advised to adhere to the institution’s rules and regulations.

The school Principal Joyce Orioki said that the minor had some misleading mentality and she has refused to change it despite frequent counsels.

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“This is not a disciplinary case but a matter that requires guidance from us and the parents. We have done our part. We are ready to assist where possible,” said the principal.

Last year, 2017 a court ruled that SDA students should be allowed to rest on Saturdays, a move that could plunge the institution into serious trouble.

The Ministry of Education had banned weekend tuition further throwing the administration into limbo should the matter reach authorities.

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